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We Want to Change the Way Americans Build Wealth

Investing can be complicated.


Do you truly understand how your current investments work? How do you know what you can trust in? What investment vehicle is going to keep your money safe for the future while also generating an income?

Investors seek diversification with investments they understand and trust. You want high returns, without high fees. At FranShares we want to cut out the bankers and Wall Street. You should be able to invest in local small businesses but with national support and trust.

You're probably familiar with franchising, but the first thing that comes to your mind is likely a pair of golden arches or five dollar subs. Some of the most profitable franchises may be businesses near you that you've never thought of because they're not in the food industry.

Franchising is a wealth building alternative investment that has historically been unavailable to the average investor due to:

  • $100,000 minimums
  • Lack of time
  • Inexperience with franchise management

There has never been a way to own franchises in your portfolio like stocks.

Until now.

That's why we created a platform to invest in diversified, recession-resistant portfolios of franchises owned and operated locally.

Portfolios are accessible to investors of all sizes for as little as $500. We partner with you in the portfolios instead of charging expensive fees.

This is a 401(k) eligible stock market alternative investors can watch grow while investing in their local community.

SMART Investing

Franchise industry at a glance:

Franchising annual revenue:

$787.5 Billion

Number of franchise brands:

Over 4,300

Franchising is an untapped market for crowdfunding.

That's why we're SMART about investing.

The stock market has gone out of control and now functions as a gamblers paradise while also at the mercy of tweets, headlines, and high fees. Real estate is enticing because it's an alternative investment that is easy to understand. Unfortunately everyone thinks the same so there is a greater demand than supply which leads to overpaying.

At FranShares, we invest in proven franchise business models that have been vetted and focus on recession resistant industries to build equity and earn passive income. Franchising isn't all about fast food.

When people hear franchising, they think fast food and long hours. Food franchises, in reality, are often bad investments due to high upfront costs, thin margins, and extreme competition.

Franchising at its core is providing a proven business plan for predictable results.

This takes franchising far beyond food and into over 100 industries including:

So what is SMART investing?


Strong Returns

Instead of high inventory and large staff businesses like food, we focus on service businesses like haircare, automotive, fitness, and home services to keep our investment levels low and return on investment high.


Mitigate Risk

We help reduce your investment risk by carefully vetting for franchise brands with a strong track record and in industries that will perform well when the stock market doesn't.



Unlike investment managers that charge fees whether they perform or not, FranShares invests with our investors and get paid when they do.



Avoid the newest fads that you hope will take off and keep strong, consistent returns by investing in need based industries that are required despite the state of the current economy.



Franchising is regulated by the Federal Trade Commission to provide consumer protection when investing in a business. Not only do we provide transparency in our investments by sharing franchise disclosures but as an investment company we are regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). 


Trust in Experience

Kenny Rose

Founder & ceo

Kenny Rose is a renowned franchise expert in the field; having been featured in Forbes, ABC, American Express, TheHustle, Marketwatch and other publications. In addition to contributing to the Amazon Best Seller "More Than Just French Fries," he's been a featured speaker on franchising nationwide and is the top worldwide writer on franchising on Quora. His views on franchising have reached over 220 million people.

In addition to FranShares, he is the Founder & CEO of Semfia Franchise Brokerage helping individuals research and invest in semi-absentee investment franchises.

Prior to founding FranShares and Semfia, Kenny was a Senior Franchise Consultant, a Financial Advisor at Merrill Lynch, and a graduate of San Diego State's Top 10 Financial Services Program.

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