Franchise Business Network Convention

https://youtu.be/ITLhVUt37N8 Kenny Rose: Yeah, so I actually spent about 10 years in the franchise world before founding FranShares. I was on the brokerage side and experienced a lot the same things you guys do, where you have people come to you who don’t have the liquidity in order to own a franchise. Maybe they don’t… Continue reading Franchise Business Network Convention

Finimize Webinar: The Pros And Cons of Franchise Investing

Hear from Kenny Rose, Founder & CEO of FranShares, about generating passive income through fractional franchise investing   In this conversation, we’ll cover… What is the history of franchise investing? What are the ways I can start investing in this asset class? How does franchise investing fit into a diversified portfolio? How does franchise inflation… Continue reading Finimize Webinar: The Pros And Cons of Franchise Investing

Rocket Dollar Webinar: Earning Passive Income Through Franchise Investing

What FranShares CEO Kenny Rose discuss how everyone can unlock passive income through diversification with the team at Rocket Dollar.  You’ll learn: Why invest in franchising How franchises make money How franchising can now be a passive investment with FranShares How FranShares makes money https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6YlQzXKvU64&t=3011s