Frequently Asked Questions

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General FranShares Questions

FranShares is the world’s first platform allowing investors the opportunity to passively invest in franchises.

As a franchise management company, FranShares is exempt from registration with the SEC. FranShares’ offerings are also exempt from SEC registration under regulations A+ or regulation D.

Franchising is regulated in the United States at both the federal and state levels. At the federal level, by the Federal Trade Commission (the “FTC”) through its FTC Franchise Rule, and at the state level, by various states’ franchise registration/disclosure laws; franchise relationship laws; business opportunity laws; and “little FTC” acts.

FranShares’ first offering TNT Franchise Fund Inc. is available now for accredited investors. View the offering using this link.

As we grow closer to launching our initial offering, we will email investors on the FranShares waitlist. Join the FranShares waitlist to ensure you’re among the first to know when we officially launch.

FranShares will be launching its second offering a few months after we finalize our first offering, TNT Franchise Fund. FranShares will launch offerings more frequently toward the end of 2022.

For our initial offering, we will charge zero management fees.

FranShares will be co-investing with our investors in every fund and will be receiving distributions along with our proportionate share of any franchise sale in the future. We will also earn a brokerage commission from the franchisor, not out of our investor’s returns