How to create a brokerage account with FranShares

Creating a brokerage account to invest with FranShares is easy and takes less than 10-minutes. Just follow the steps below, or follow along with the video.


To invest with FranShares, investors will need to create a brokerage account through the FranShares ecosystem.

Your brokerage account will give you the ability to invest in any current or future FranShares offerings, and lets investors participate in our upcoming secondary trading platform as a way to provide some level of liquidity. Fortunately, creating a brokerage account through the FranShare ecosystem is easy and takes less than 10-minutes using the link and instructions below.

Create your FranShares brokerage account

Step #1: Choose your account type

After you click the link above you’ll be taken to the account creation page where you’ll be asked if you are an individual investor or an institutional investor.

Both individuals and institutions can invest in franchises through FranShares. If you intend to invest as an institution or legal entity, please click the link and email info@franshares.com. From here, we will give you the right forms to invest as an entity.


Step #2: Fill out basic information

The next screen will simply ask you for the basic information that you’ll need to start creating your account. Proceed by entering the requested information.

Step #3: Enter your contact information

Provide additional contact details as requested.

Step #4: Verify your accreditation status 

Investors in FranShares’ first investment offering, TNT Franchise Fund Inc., must be accredited. As a next step, please verify your accreditation status.

Step #5: Verify qualified purchaser status

Qualified purchasers are individuals with at least $5 million in investments. The vast majority of FranShares investors are not qualified purchasers, and being a qualified purchaser is not a requirement.

Step #6: Add a trusted contact

In this section, you have the option to add a “trusted contact person” who can be contacted in certain situations, such as if you cannot be reached. Adding a trusted contact is a personal choice and is not required. 

Step #7: Add Beneficiaries

If you wish, you can add one or more beneficiaries, meaning persons or entities that can inherit your investment account. Adding beneficiaries is a personal choice and is not required.

Step #8: Provide details regarding your investment objectives and risk tolerance.

Step #9: Verify your suitability for this investment.

This information will be used to verify your accreditation status, which is required for FranShares’ initial portfolio.

Step #10: Complete the Anti-Money Laundering documentation

Under federal law, we are required to conduct anti-money laundering processes before providing access to the FranShares platform. This step can be completed quickly. 

Congratulations – you’ve completed your brokerage account application! Generally, investors are approved within just a few minutes. 

From here, you can simply sign our NDA to gain access to view the offering. Once complete, you can upload your accreditation documents to verify that you’re an accredited investor.


As for the type of documentation you’ll need to provide, it varies depending on how you are accredited. 


Your income ($200k single, or $300k with a spouse in each of the last two years)

If you are accredited based on income, you need to provide documentation in the form of tax returns for 2021 and 2020, W-2s, or other official documents that show you meet the required income threshold for the prior two years.


Your assets are worth more than $M, individually or together with a spouse, excluding your primary residence

If you are accredited based on assets, you can provide recent brokerage, bank account, or similar statements that clearly show your name, the date, and the value of your account(s).


You are a licensed professional

If you are accredited based on holding a Series 7, Series 65, or Series 82 license, you must prove you hold this license and are in good standing.


CPA letter

Investors can also provide a CPA letter from a licensed CPA, attorney, investment advisor or registered broker-dealer. The letter should state that the professional service provider has a reasonable belief that you are an Accredited Investor.