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The best home-based franchises of 2023

October 5th, 2023 By Emily Norwood

Startup costs are among the highest barriers to entry for new franchisees – but this is where home-based franchises have a distinct advantage. Their flexibility and relative accessibility, along with the sheer variety of what a home-based franchise can be, make them among the top picks for potential franchisees.

In this article, we’ll cover:

  • What makes a great home-based franchise
  • Reasons to consider investing in home-based franchises
  • The best home-based franchises of 2023

Let’s start with understanding what makes these franchises successful.

What makes a great home-based franchise?

A home-based franchise is a business that you operate and manage primarily from your home. Startup costs are often much lower than other kinds of franchises; for instance, you don’t need to secure a building or land for your operations beyond what’s needed to store any equipment you acquire.

With that in mind, here are some factors that make a great home-based franchise:

1. Exists in a home-ready industry

Brands that exist in home-ready industries are ideal as home-based franchises. Examples of these types of businesses include pet services, household services like repairs or pest control, and daycare.

But any industry that can be operated out of a home office or done via visiting a client’s property counts as a home-based industry. This makes home-based franchises flexible, low-risk, and incredibly varied. 

2. Proven systems and demonstrated growth

Franchisees want predictable, replicable returns on their investment. This means selecting franchises with proven systems to reduce the operational learning curve.

Be sure to look for franchises that have comprehensive training programs, marketing materials and strategies, and a proven system for running an effective business. This will help you focus on business operations rather than being stuck in red tape. 

3. Network availability (domestic and international)

As a franchisee, you’ll want to invest in a business that has demonstrated a successful ability to expand. After all, there’s not much better proof of success – if a company can operate in different time zones and navigate the various local laws, they have refined their operations.

4. Lower headcount and investment

Another advantage of home-based franchises is little to no need to hire employees. Lower headcount means simpler financials, including less complicated taxes at the end of the year. These businesses also tend to have lower franchise fees, which means less upfront capital is required. This makes home-based franchises much better for risk-averse franchisees. Unlike other kinds of franchises, you don’t need hundreds of thousands in savings or a loan to start a home-based franchise.

You also don’t need to factor in the cost of renting a space or constructing a building, so a home-based franchise tends to have a quicker startup time than other kinds of franchises.

Why invest in home-based franchises?

We like home-based franchises for a few different reasons:

1. Starting is relatively inexpensive: One of the biggest barriers to entry of most franchises is the high startup cost: the average person who wants to start a franchise would either need to secure a large loan or invest a substantial portion of their savings. But home-based franchises tend to be much more affordable – and therefore less risky – making them great for the risk-averse future franchisee.

2. Simpler business operations and finances: Because home-based franchises don’t require you to rent out land or hire lots of staff, they’re much simpler to run. Things like payroll, inventory management, and site maintenance are either easily managed or don’t apply, which makes the home-based franchisee’s life easier. 

You’ll also get to control your schedule, which makes a home-based franchise ideal for parents or caregivers with other obligations.

3. Lower risk: Because of their lower startup costs and low operating expenses, home-based franchises are relatively stable investments. The low risk isn’t necessarily indicative of lower ROI, either – many home-based franchises have average gross revenues of over $1M.

The top home-based franchises

Now here’s a look at some of the top home-based franchises in 2023:

1. Seniors Helping Seniors

Seniors Helping Seniors is an in-home care service that matches seniors who need assistance with other healthy, active seniors who have a passion for helping others. Founded in Reading, Pennsylvania by a woman who had worked with Mother Teresa for over a decade, Seniors Helping Seniors has grown to 200+ locations worldwide.

Fast facts

  • Locations: 200+
  • Founded: 1998
  • Franchised: 2006
  • Franchise fee: $55,000 
  • Initial investment: $90K–$143K
  • EBITDA: $727,253

2. DoodyCalls

Pet waste pick-up may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a profitable home-based franchise, but DoodyCalls franchisees see an average of 576% ROI. The Charlottesville, Virginia-based company was founded by a husband-wife team and has grown to be recognized as ​​the number-one pet waste removal franchise in the United States by Entrepreneur Magazine’s annual Franchise 500 list. 

Fast facts

  • Locations: 75
  • Founded: 2000
  • Franchised: 2004
  • Franchise fee: $57K–$60K 
  • Initial investment: $64K–$83K
  • EBITDA: $368,602

3. Woofie’s

With all the backing of Authority Brands, Woofie’s trifecta of pet sitting, dog walking, and mobile pet spa offerings make it uniquely positioned to tap into the over $136.8 billion pet services market. And that shows – with average gross revenues approaching $2M. 

Fast facts

  • Locations: 11
  • Founded: 2004
  • Franchised: 2018
  • Franchise fee: $59K  
  • Initial investment: $129K–$246K
  • EBITDA: $1,856,190

4. Granite Garage Floors

Granite Garage Floors has strived to bring white-collar professionalism to a blue-collar industry. The company provides high-end garage floor coating systems that “Look and Last Like Granite” and is known for its unheralded commitment to customer service. The home improvement industry was valued at over $538B in 2021 – in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, no less – so Granite Garage Floors is well-positioned to grow as the economy continues to recover. 

Fast facts

  • Locations: 15
  • Founded: 2011
  • Franchised: 2013
  • Franchise fee: $62,500
  • Initial investment: $170K–$331K
  • EBITDA: $960,612

5. ScreenMobile

Thousand Palms, California-based ScreenMobile installs and repairs screens across the United States. From standard window and door screens to high-end motorized screens for outdoor patios, ScreenMobile brings all these products and more directly to customers via their convenient mobile stores.

Fast facts

  • Locations: 149
  • Founded: 1982
  • Franchised: 1984
  • Franchise fee: $119,900
  • Initial investment: $165,700–$226,700
  • EBITDA: $418,286

6. All Dry Services

All Dry Services is a Tequesta, Florida-based professional restoration and cleanup business servicing homes and businesses across 38 states nationwide. From water, fire, smoke, and storm damage repair to sewage cleanup and mold removal, All Dry Services’ variety of offerings ensures its recession-resistant business model will continue to grow, even during tough economic times. 

Fast facts

  • Locations: 111
  • Founded: 2014
  • Franchised: 2020
  • Franchise fee: $50,550
  • Initial investment: $88K–$275K
  • EBITDA: $2,306,733

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