FranShares: Democratizing franchise investing

FranShares’ investors reap the benefits of franchise investing – without restrictive cash and time requirements.

Why investors choose FranShares

Superior deals

FranShares’ data-driven investment philosophy and strong deal flow allow us to offer our investors only the best franchise investment opportunities.

Unprecedented diversification

Investing in franchises naturally diversifies investors outside of traditional assets – and with FranShares, investors will be diversified across industries and across the United States. The result? True, robust diversification.

A seamless investing experience

FranShares investors enjoy access to a best-in-class investing portal where they can browse investments, review due diligence materials, fund their investment, and sign legal documents – all in one place.


FranShares is bringing franchise investing into the digital age. 

Best-in-class operators

At FranShares, we structure our portfolios to take advantage of the best and most experienced operators. We select franchise investments with great, supportive management teams that have close relationships with strategic operators. This ensures each location is as profitable as possible.

An experienced founding team

FranShares brings together experts in franchising, institutional investing, operations, and growth to execute on our ambitious plan to democratize franchise investing by allowing anyone to become a passive franchise investor.

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Thinking of passively investing in franchises but have questions? Read our white paper to learn about...

✓ The benefits of investing in franchises.

✓ What returns investors can expect from franchise investing.
✓ How franchising is FTC-regulated and FranShares is SEC-regulated
✓ How FranShares selects franchises to invest in.
And many other points of interest!

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