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Diversify your portfolio and generate passive income with franchise investing.

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Kidokinetics Franchisor Equity Raise

Kidokinetics is thrilled to offer accredited investors the opportunity to participate in our $1M capital raise to fuel expansion and enhance our franchise network with FranShares.

Target Net IRR
26.6% – 36.4%
Target Net Cash Yield
4.7% – 7.8%
Preferred Return
Target Hold
3 – 4 years
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available now

BraveHart – Hawaiian Bros Equity Raise

BraveHart Development is excited to present accredited investors with the opportunity to invest in this offering which includes 10 locations of the award-winning Hawaiian Bros brand.

Target Net IRR
23% – 24%
Target Net Cash Yield
15% – 16%
Projected MOIC
615% – 621%
Target Hold
8 – 10 years
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Invest in real, income producing assets.

Franchises are a highly sought-after asset class for a good reason. Here’s why everyone should have the opportunity.

Why Franchising

Fully passive income.

Purchasing shares in franchises gives you an opportunity to generate returns without any of the management, paperwork, and other extra red tape.

True diversification.

Franchises are a tangible asset class that can allow for a truly diversified portfolio across different industries, locations, and service offerings.

Equity appreciation.

Franchise investing doesn’t just provide passive income. Franchise locations have the opportunity to increase in value over time

How we make passive
franchise investing a reality.

How We Invest

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Learn about franchising, diversify your assets, and make passive income a reality today.