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How We Choose

The Franchise Selection Process

At FranShares, we undergo a rigorous vetting process to ensure our investors always have world-class franchise investment opportunities.

Identify the best franchise brands

We review hundreds of franchise brands, but less than 1% meet our investment criteria. We look for franchise opportunities in recession-resistant industries with a strong track record of success.

Identify strong operators

We look for seasoned operators who are seeking capital to expand their current footprint or launch new brands. We do thorough due diligence on each operator to ensure they have the experience required to be successful.

Conduct rigorous due diligence

When we find a deal worth pursuing, we dive into the details and look at everything including industry growth, competitive activity, macroeconomic trends, franchise leadership, risks, and potential return on investment.

Our Operators

Invest in seasoned franchise operators.

At FranShares, we recognize the significance of investing in proven franchise operators poised for growth. We diligently focus on identifying operators with robust track records who are actively seeking capital for startups and expansion.

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