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Join our affiliate partner program and earn referral fees for telling your audience about FranShares

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Why become a
FranShares affiliate?

FranShares is unlocking franchise investing for everyone through fractional ownership. By becoming a FranShares affiliate partner, you’ll be helping people all over the world diversify their portfolio, hedge against inflation, and earn passive income through franchise ownership.

Passive franchise investing for the people.

Promote FranShares to your audience using reviews, videos, and ads for FranShares and start earning while democratizing franchise investing.

Why Franchising

Fully passive income.

Purchasing shares in franchises gives you an opportunity to generate returns without any of the management, paperwork, and other extra red tape.

True diversification.

Franchises are a tangible asset class that can allow for a truly diversified portfolio across different industries, locations, and service offerings.

Equity appreciation.

Franchise investing doesn’t just provide passive income. Franchise locations have the opportunity to increase in value as they over time.


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