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New Look, Same Passion: Introducing the new FranShares

March 29th, 2023 By Emily Norwood

Growing requires change, and that’s just what we’re doing.

As FranShares takes the next step in making franchise investing accessible for everyone, we have realized it’s time to embrace our own transformation. That’s why we’ve been rolling up our sleeves and putting in countless hours to give our look and voice a fresh, updated feel that truly captures FranShares’ ethos.

In this post, we’re excited to share the “why” behind our brand refresh, discuss the changes we’ve made, introduce you to the incredibly talented team responsible for our new look, and lay out what it all means for FranShares as we keep moving forward.

Ready to dive in? Let’s get to it!

Why We Rebranded

At the heart of this brand refresh is our desire to better showcase our values and educate potential investors about franchise investing.

After talking with more than 600 investors one on one about their investing challenges, goals, and strategies, we have learned that investors want to invest in assets that match their investing ethos.

At FranShares, our ethos is wonderfully simple:

FranShares is the passive franchise investing platform for the people. We give everyone the ability to purchase shares in franchises with the potential to earn 100% passive income while diversifying your portfolio.

We’re never going to be your boom or bust asset class and we aren’t trying to be, we strive to be strong and steady. However, if you believe in investing in value oriented, real assets with the potential to produce steady distributions, then we’re here for you.

Our goal is for our visual and verbal branding to reflect this very spirit, and we believe this brand refresh inches us closer to realizing that vision.

We believe our messaging better tells the story of the value oriented franchise industry that we champion, while our new website makes it easier for potential investors to find all the info they need about franchise investing.

We are confident that by better showcasing our values, we’ll be able to better match value-based investors with franchise investment opportunities that help them reach their financial goals.

What’s Changed

We don’t do gimmicks or fads – never have, never will. 

They aren’t welcome in our investment philosophy, mission, or brand identity. But we’re not afraid to try something new. We like to keep things simple, straightforward, and stay ahead of the curve, and that’s what we aim to showcase in our visual identity.

Our revamped web experience strives to provide a smoother and more intuitive educational journey for potential investors, while maintaining a warm and welcoming atmosphere. We have replaced our previous illustrations with vibrant, attention-grabbing visuals that truly stand out. Our improved navigation system effectively guides users to the information they need, while the refreshed iconography and typography breathe new life into the overall web experience.

Visit the FranShares home page to experience our new website

Our new logo embodies the concept of franchises while incorporating elements of the finance world, creating a modular “F” by joining multiple diamonds. 

The replication of the diamonds that make up our “F” highlight the replicability of franchise locations and processes, which speak to the scalability of the asset class. The growing number of diamonds that make up our modular F also highlight the growth potential of a franchise investment portfolio.

To top it off, we’ve got a modern, simple, and timeless wordmark that just feels right.

You’ll see our new brand and wordmarks in use alongside our revamped brand colors, which we believe take what was great about our previous brand colors and elevate them by making them brighter and bolder.

Accessibility and inclusion are critical to our customer experience, so we’ve ensured that this palette also allows us to create high contrast color combinations appropriate for users with any form of color blindness.

For our fonts and wordmark, we went with a clean, modern look, but we’re not opposed to using them in unconventional ways. We’re excited to push the boundaries of the usual designs you see in the investment space with bold and dynamic image treatments.  

There are also moments when we think it’s important to hit the pause button and take a moment to appreciate the rich history of franchises and their impact on our modern economy and society. Keep an eye out, because every now and then, we’ll be sharing a taste of that nostalgia on our website, offering pages, and social media feeds.

Above all, we’ll remain the relatable and approachable franchise folks you’ve known from the start. Franchise investing can be complex and potentially alienating if you’re new to the space, so our voice will remain exactly what you’ve come to expect from us: down-to-earth and informative without making your head hurt. 

Meet the Team Behind the Brand

None of this would have been possible without the dedicated team from Herman-Scheer. When we were looking for a partner to help capture our vision for FranShares’s future, the “beachside dream team” at this LA brand studio were more than up for the challenge. 

Their previous work with the likes of Fig, Gainful, Napster, and Neuro showcased their ability to build brand identities that strike a balance of bold, timeless, and relatable.

Collaborating with the Herman-Scheer crew was a game-changer. They really challenged us with their bold ideas and made us reevaluate our identity. Working with the whole team was an absolute blast, and our branding and design calls? They were the highlights of our calendar. Plus, the end result blew our minds.

We couldn’t be more proud to have partnered with John, Chapin, Margaret, Taylor, Danny, Alix, Nathasya, Allen, and the rest of the Herman-Scheer team.

A huge thanks to you all for helping FranShares take a few major strides on our journey.

Looking Ahead

Things are really picking up for FranShares.

We’ve been hard at work over the last few months building a new user experience, pulling together exciting new offerings, and ensuring that FrarnShares has the resources it needs to be successful.

We’re super optimistic about the future of franchise investing, and we think our revamped verbal and visual design will help us tell that story even better.

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