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The best tutoring franchises of 2024

September 1st, 2023 By Emily Norwood

In today’s competitive landscape, a growing number of consumers are turning to supplemental education and enrichment programs to give their young learners an edge and help them solidify skills learned in the classroom. The post-pandemic reality of learning loss from closed schools and remote environments has made quality tutoring programs more important than ever.

This change in the educational landscape creates an opportunity for new entrepreneurs who want to serve students and parents with high-quality resources. Tutoring-based franchises are making it easier to accomplish this with brand recognition, turnkey systems, and marketing reach. 

What sets a great tutoring business apart from the rest? Besides a commitment to student-centered service, the best systems offer strong growth, quality curriculum, and resources for entrepreneurs to grow and scale their businesses. 

In this article, we examine:

  • Why a tutoring franchise can be a wise investment
  • The specific features potential franchisees should look for
  • The top tutoring franchises of 2024

Let’s start by taking a deeper look at the key traits of a successful education-based business.

What makes a great tutoring franchise?

There are several key features that make any franchise a wise investment. With tutoring franchises, strong financials and systems are just the beginning. A standout franchise will also give owners access to proprietary information, training, teaching systems, and technology options to help them be successful: 

Strong margins

Healthy financial margins are crucial for financial success in any franchise. Revenue must cover business costs and allow for reinvestment in growth. Managing finances, including student payment rates, staff compensation, resource updates, and marketing initiatives, is vital. After all, without strong financial margins, any business can face problems. Fortunately, tutoring businesses offer lower investment options for entrepreneurs, meaning more of your revenue can be used to reinvest, scale, and establish a strong long-term plan.

Proven systems

A well-established franchise brand should be able to provide franchisees with the resources they need to be successful. This includes comprehensive training programs, marketing materials and strategies, and a proven system for running an effective business. With these resources in place, franchisees can focus on providing quality services rather than struggling to make their own programs work.

The right network also gives you access to recruiting industry professionals to build your business. An established franchise will have the ability to connect budding entrepreneurs with mentors and other knowledgeable individuals who can offer advice on how to run a successful tutoring business.

Growth potential

Tutoring businesses are all about making a local connection and serving your community. Identify franchises that have an established marketing presence in your chosen area, while still offering room to grow. Franchises with local market presence can provide access to resources like experienced teachers and effective marketing campaigns that can help get the business off the ground quickly.


Proprietary technology is a competitive advantage in a successful franchise. With many options available, making sure the system you pick has these elements can make an enormous difference in the success of the business. Proprietary technology allows entrepreneurs to stand out in a crowded education market. 

Specialized curriculum

Specialized teaching methods are equally important. Programs like Kumon maximize student achievement while helping students stay engaged and enjoy the learning process. Individualized courses and personalized support go a long way in standing apart from the crowd. 

Quality curriculum is a must for long-term success. From printed materials to online resources, the best systems have high-quality learning materials available for students of all levels and ages. This helps educators build meaningful lesson plans that truly engage students and help them reach their goals faster than ever before.

Best tutoring franchises of 2024

If the many benefits of running an education-based franchise appeal to you, choosing the best network is the next logical step. To help you in your research, we’ve compiled a list of the best tutoring franchise opportunities of 2024. 

Tutor Doctor

Tutor Doctor, an International Franchise Association (IFA) member, is consistently ranked among the top educational businesses by Entrepreneur, Elite Franchise, Global Franchise Awards, and others. The brand provides personalized private tutoring sessions to children and young adult learners across the United States. The network offers a full training program, proprietary technology, and flexibility that together make it easy to get started and grow a successful business. Tutor Doctor offers localized marketing strategies and a tutor recruitment program to help franchise owners find qualified employees and serve students within the community. 

Fast facts

  • Locations: 67
  • Founded: 2000
  • Franchised: 2003
  • Initial investment:  $94K–$139K
  • Franchise fee: $55K–$70K


Recognized by the Entrepreneur Franchise 500 as best in the education category, Kumon’s brand power and one-to-one support structure make it a popular option for entrepreneurs who are building a business in education. This 65-year veteran of the private education sector differentiates itself with a proprietary teaching method that proves highly effective for children who participate in its after-school math and reading programs. For franchise owners, Kumon provides training, support, financial incentives, and startup materials that make it easier to build out your franchise location. The company also offers a low franchise fee of just $2,000. 

Fast facts

  • Locations: 1,649
  • Founded: 1954
  • Franchised: 1958
  • Initial investment:  $68K–$147K
  • Franchise fee: $2,000 


Specialized tutoring options are becoming more popular among consumers who seek education and enrichment. Mathnasium, honored by the Entrepreneur Franchise 500, Franchise Business Review, and the Franchise Direct Global Awards, focuses on one of the most sought-after areas of standard school curriculum. This targeted approach helps students build math fundamentals and gain lifelong advantages. Mathnasium offers a proprietary math learning system paired with in-person or virtual tutoring sessions. For franchisees, Mathnasium offers a low-cost business model, access to support and training, and well-honed systems to help build a strong, scalable business foundation. 

Fast facts

  • Location count: 955
  • Founded: 2002
  • Franchised: 2003
  • Initial investment:  $113K–$149K
  • Franchise fee: $49,000 

Club Z!

Ranked in Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 for four years running, Club Z! offers a range of tutoring opportunities for children from pre-K through high school levels. The Club Z! model moves beyond the traditional “Core Four” subjects to offer students tutoring in writing, music, foreign languages, college prep, summer study support, ADHD learning, and more. The franchise offers a low investment model. It also offers online, in-home, or on-location tutoring services to create opportunities for a range of business models. Club Z! Is considered a home-based business, and franchisees can run their businesses full- or part-time. 

Fast facts

  • Locations: 368
  • Founded: 1995
  • Franchised: 1998
  • Franchise fee: $20K–$40K 
  • Startup cost:  $33K–$57K 

The Tutoring Center

Many consumers are looking for specialized instruction for children with attentional or learning deficits. The Tutoring Center franchise offers these customized learning options to learners at all stages of their academic career, with specialized programs for reading, math, writing, and more. The Tutoring Center goes beyond school- or home-based tutoring to offer one-on-one personalized instruction for building successful learners while keeping the learning environment fun. Its Rotational Approach to Learning, for instance, breaks up learning sessions into shorter, more engaging sessions to maintain focus and build learning skills. The franchise offers a wide network of locations, flexible hours, support, and a flat-rate royalty fee to make building a business accessible and rewarding.

Fast facts

  • Locations: 87
  • Founded:1994
  • Franchised: 2005
  • Initial investment: $114K–$190K 
  • Franchise fee: $30,000 

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