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The State of
Alternative Assets.

Conventional investment options remain the bedrock of investment portfolios in the United States. But what about the growing number of alternative assets?

Discover how recent trends in alternative investments are impacting investors from all generations, and why younger generations are leading the charge.

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The investment landscape is changing for everyone.

Across the board, alternative assets are an enticing investment option for all parties: the majority of investors in the U.S. across all generations have increased their investments in alt assets

Have you increased or decreased your portfolio allocation to alternative investments in the past 12 months?

  • Baby Boomers
  • Gen X
  • Millennials
  • Gen Z
  • Everyone

Base: US investors with 10k or greater in investable assets (excluding 401Ks)

No change

But there’s a clear generational divide in alternative asset’s

Despite the interest from all investors, younger generations are more open-minded about investing in alternative assets — while older generations generally seem to be more conservative, allocating at lower rates.

of Baby Boomers
of Gen X
of Millennials
of Gen Z
Are considering investing in alternative investments

These generational differences indicate an evolution in investor attitudes, looking past traditional markets toward new opportunities that may have higher upsides.

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The younger generation eagerly embraces alternative investments.

Millennials & Gen-Z show greater interest in alternative assets across the board.

How interested you are in investing in collectibles, alternative business investments
(real estate, farmland, venture capital and franchises), Bitcoin, and NFTs?

Base: US investors with 10k or greater in investable assets (excluding 401Ks)

Baby Boomers
Business Alts
Gen X
Business Alts
Business Alts
Gen Z
Business Alts

Why is there a shift toward alternative business investments?

The answer comes down to three main factors: portfolio diversification,
long-term returns, and passive income.

Which of the following reasons explain why you are interested in investing in alternative business investments?
Please select all that apply.

Base: US investors with 10k or greater in investable assets (excluding 401Ks) and currently invested in alternative assets

I’m looking to diversify my portfolio
I want to increase my long-term returns
I want to earn passive income
I want to hedge against inflation
I want to increase my short-term returns
I want to reduce my portfolio’s volatility

Interested in our full insights?

Bottom line: Investors are flocking to alternative assets, with business alternative assets and collectibles being the leading assets investors of all ages are investing in. However, younger generations are leading the way.

In our full report, you’ll learn:

  • How all generations are changing their investing strategies
  • Where they learn about investing
  • How they allocate their assets
  • What they invest in

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